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Terms & Conditions


School fees have to be paid on time without fail. 


School fees can be paid online to :


Bank name : The South Indian Bank, N.R Mohalla, Mysore.

St Vincent's School Account No : 0415053000015989

IFSC Code: SIBL0000415.



Parents will have to select one of these Banks convenient and stick to that Bank only. 

1. Tuition fees can be paid in one or three instalments. 


2. Only after the payment of the first instalment will the text books be issued.


3. The last instalment of fees for the academic year 2020-21 has to be paid on or before the 10th of February 2021.


4. Each instalment of fees should be paid as indicated in the School diary. 


5. Kindly ensure that the Name, Class, Section and the ID Number of the student is mentioned in the chalan. 


6. The School copy of the Bank chalan has to be submitted to the School office immediately after the payment of each installment. 


7. The fees have to be paid to the respective Bank Accounts. Fees charged on account of text books, uniforms, and bus has to be paid in the School office. 


8. Bank challans can be collected from Bank. 


9. Requests for TC/Report Cards/promotions will not be considered unless all dues are cleared. 


1. Be in School by 8.30 a.m. every day in complete and neat School uniform. 


2. Speak in English in the School premises at all times except in the language classes. Remember that you have opted for an English Medium Education.


3. You are solely responsible for your belongings. Take care of them. 


4. Don't scribble on the walls or the furniture nor disfigure the classrooms or damage School property in general. At all times keep your social responsibilities in mind. 


5. Always be polite and courteous and show respect to all teachers and elders and to your peers. 


6. You are expected to take part in all activities of the School, like games and all co-curricular activities. These will be monitored closely and will have a say in your overall Report Card at the end of the year. 


7. Plan your daily studies and get into the habit of a systematic and methodical approach to your academic routine. Give emphasis to written work. 


8. You do not need to go for any private tuition at all. You only need to be attentive in class and follow the instructions of your teachers. 


9. The Principal reserves the right to scrutinise all letters and correspondences addressed to the students in school. 


10. The students should behave in a refined manner both in School and outside, always aware that the School is judged by the way you conduct yourselves at all times, both in school uniform and when not in school uniform. 


1. Parents are requested to watch and guide their children's studies at home. Children need constant attention and encouragement to enable them to improve their performances. 


2. Please don't allow a child to be absent from School except in case of illness or such exceptionally valid and unavoidable reasons. However a child suffering from any illness should not be sent to School, particularly if the child is suffering from some communicable diseases; in which case a competent medical Doctor's certificate stating that the child is immune enough to attend School, must be produced before he/she is allowed to rejoin classes. 


3. If a child is absent, please fill in the 'Leave Application' column in the School diary briefly and to the point and send it along with the child. If leave is required for more than three days a formal leave application has to be sent with the child, written by the parents and addressed to the Principal.


4. If a child has to be taken from school before the school breaks for the day, either one of the parents must come personally or send someone with a letter signed by one of the parents, the which signature will be tallied with the signature we have from the 'personal information' you have filled in in the school diary. If the signature is found to tally then only will the child be allowed to leave the premises. Please understand that this is for the safety of your children. 


5. Memos sent to parents will be through the School Diary only and must be properly responded to. Parents, when summoned to School, must understand that there is something very important to be discussed with them, and respond without delay. 


6. Parents are requested to sign the Progress Report of their ward and return them to the Class Teacher within three days. 


7. Any loss or damage to School property by the student will have to be made good by the parents. 


8. The School is not responsible for books, money, tiffin carriers etc... lost in the School. Parents are requested to have the child's name written on each piece of the article they bring to School; like the School Bag, Water Bottle, tiffin Carrier, Umbrella, and the Blazer and so on.


9. Criticism of your child's teachers or the School in his/her presence should be avoided because children lose respect for their teachers and consequently fail to learn from them. Any misunderstanding can be discussed and sorted out personally with the teacher concerned in the presence of the Principal. 


10. The School reserves the right to dismiss a pupil on the grounds of irregular attendance, disobedience to teachers and objectionable behaviour within the School premises, as also on account of the rude behaviour of the parents/guardians. 


11. Co-operation of the parents in all matters regarding the running of the School is solicited. Without this, the efficient and smooth working of the School will be hampered. 


12. Parents, please note that your presence at the Parent-Teacher meeting held twice a year is COMPULSORY. Parents must meet the teachers of their wards regularly after every Test (FAs and SAs) on the dates given in the School diary. In case of your absence at the meeting, Report Cards will not be handed over to your ward under any circumstance. 


13. The Academic Year will be divided into two semesters with four Formative Assessment (FAs) and two Summative Assessments (SAs). 


14. Parents are requested not to allow children to bring CDs, iPods, cameras, mobile phones, video games or similar electronic gadgets to School. It may be noted that any violation of this rule will be viewed very seriously.


15. Students are not permitted to bring money to School unless there is a clear instruction from the School to bring money for a specific purpose. 


16. Students shall not buy and supply any items to other students in the class.


17. Girls are to wear black hair clips and black tape on ordinary days , on Wednesdays and Saturdays white hair clips and white tape only. Decorative items like ornaments, bangles, expensive watches etc... are discouraged as they go against the very spirit of the School Uniform. 


18. Boys shall have a decent haircut. Long hair and crew-cut etc.... are thoroughly discouraged. 


19. Parents have the obligation to instil in their children habits of dressing modestly, decently and tastefully conforming to acceptable social mores. 


1. Parents are requested to visit the School only during office hours on working days. 


2. Parents visiting School on working days must go to the School Office only and not to the faculty rooms or the class rooms. 


3. Parents, who wish to meet the Principal, would do well to seek a prior appointment. Parents can meet the Principal without a prior appointment on any working day between 2.30 and 3.30 PM except on Saturdays. 


4. Parents are strongly discouraged from visiting the School Staff in their residences. We have gone through the instructions and promise to abide by them: 


While every care is taken to protect your child against mishaps within the school premises, the School does not accept any responsibility for such happening. Immediate first aid will be administered and the child may even be sent to the hospital for treatment, if necessary. Hospital bills will have to be paid by the parents/guardians. 

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